6 Can't-Miss At-Home Tailgate Tips

If you are staying home this Super Bowl Sunday, follow these tips

Planning a get-together? These tips will come in handy!

Trying to pull together last minute plans for Super Bowl Sunday? Here are mytips of making your at-home tailgate a success!

The Guest List

Mix it up. Invite friends, family and a few other people outside of the "usual suspects" to keep things interesting.   In my case, this is usually other chefs!

Put the “bowl” in Super Bowl
Make a punch bowl drink -- Although I'm a Giants fan, I live in California wine country, just north of SF.  We're working on a punch bowl called Punch Drunk Sea "Chicken" with tequila blanco, honey, lemon, blood orange and IPA.  My bartender, Josh Trabulsi, at the Burritt Room concocted this.

The Main Event 
For the Super Bowl the main meal should be simple, filling and a crowd-pleaser.  Some staples we do at home are pizza on our wood burning oven and real Buffalo wings (my wife is from Buffalo.)   With the wings, serve the sauces on the side so they can sit out and not get soggy.   Keep things bite size though -- cut the pizza into small square bites.

Many hands make light work
Don't do all the work.  At a Super Bowl party, guests are usually asked to bring something.  So don't take everything on by yourself and have each guest bring an app, a drink, or a side. 

Seattle vs Denver Beers
Get beers that represent the participating teams.  It's a fun talking point and allows people to try something new.  Both Colorado and Washington have a great selection of local breweries that you can find at specialty beer stores.

Watch the game!
Don't spend the whole night in the kitchen.  If you have to grill, make sure it's stuff you can do in advance and serve at room temp, like grilled beef or chicken and vegetable skewers.  Or do hot pot meals like chili that everyone always likes.

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