6 Cake Cutters We’re Currently Obsessed With Slideshow

Victorian Lace

There’s something so timeless about this set. That must be why it’s a best-seller at Annie’s Tea Time.

Etched and Engraved

Set the date and remember it with this engraved cake cutting set from Etsy.


Never Too Much For Us

We expressed our love affair with this server from LEIF long, long ago. Glitter is always good in our eyes.


Perfect Palette

Whatever your color palette is, match the server to your shades.


For the Modern Couple

Skip the classics, and go for this uniquely shaped slicer from Miika Mansikkamaa.



If anyone knows weddings it’s Vera Wang. Stock up on her "With Love" set that includes a cake cutting set, a picture frame, champagne flutes, and a matching vase.