6 Burrito Recipes: Simple or Sophisticated, You Decide

Recipe SWAT Team tackles burritos this week
How to Roll the Perfect Burrito

Dos Toros' Oliver Kremer shows us the steps to perfecting the art of rolling a burrito

Smoked Carnitas Chimichangas

Why does everyone choose to go out for a burrito? Well, there are several very good reasons — convenience being one, and what seems like a pretty fair price-to-effort ratio being another. In layman's terms, they're not very expensive, and they seem like a lot of work to make. But are they?

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You see, we figured that once all the fixings were made or rounded up — salsa, beans, meat or cooked vegetables, rice, guacamole, and cheese — they could be worth not just one but at least two or maybe even three meals. So it may seem like a lot of effort up front, but hey, you've got to use up that 10-pack of tortillas anyway, right? And if you don't feel like, say, soaking and cooking dried beans, many of the components of a burrito have convenient store-bought substitutions — Tostitos salsa, anyone? (Cringe.) Burritos are also a great way to repurpose Sunday's leftover roast chicken or grilled skirt steak for the week.

And if you have what we call "burrito-wrapping anxiety," don't fret. Just watch the video above.

So, what did we make this week? Here are a few highlights:

  • Nathan Cyphert decided to be a little adventurous and made a Pork Belly Burrito that's to die for.
  • Genius — Culinary Content Network member Lisa Bowie, author of the blog Creole Contessa, came up with an awesome fried burrito recipe. Oh wait, that's called a chimichanga. Well, it's still awesome because it's got smoked carnitas! Definitely merits several trips to the gym.
  • And just in case you were getting worried this was going to be a pork fest, don't miss out on this week's winning recipe, the Better-Than-Chipotle Burrito by Anne Dolce. It's made with chicken.

All of the recipes featured here can be made at home for about $34 or less, excluding the cost of small amounts of basic ingredients such as butter, oil, flour, sugar, salt, pepper, and other dried herbs and spices.


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