6 Bizarre Beverage Lawsuits

Consider the following headline: "Man Sues Over Mouse in His Energy Drink Can." Gross? Most definitely. Suspicious? Maybe. Bizarre? At the very least. 

For the uninitiated, the case in question is that of Washington teenager Vitaliy Sulzhik who has recently garnered national attention for taking legal action against the maker of Monster Energy Drink. Sulzhik claims he had been drinking from the can when, nearing the bottom, he got a mouthful of mouse tail and (not surprisingly) immediately lost his lunch. The company has responded publicly by saying that the suit is "nothing more than a shakedown" given that the beverage was left unattended for several hours during which time the critter could have found its way into the can. That, and if the mouse had been bottled, it would have already deteriorated by the time Sulzhik opened the can (um, comforting). We'll leave it to the professionals to stomach the evidence and make a fair judgment.  

Of course, you hate to be skeptical of a kid who knows what a rodent-seasoned energy drink tastes like.  But then again, this far from the first time a beverage has been at the center of a ridiculous-sounding legal battle. Who could forget Stella Liebeck, the New Mexico woman who infamously sued McDonald's (and won millions) for damage caused from spilling their too-hot coffee on her lap?

If you're thirsty for more bizarre beverage lawsuits, check out the following six cases — some of them certainly don't suffer for lack of amusement.

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