6 Austrian Ingredients Everyone Should Know About

These delicious culinary delights hailing from Austria should become regulars in your kitchen

These Austrian ingredients may be delicacies, but they belong in your kitchen every day.

The Fancy Food Expo in New York City is in full swing, and regional delicacies from around the world are on display. Such was the case at an event hosted by the Austrian Trade Commission, Advantage Austria, showcasing the best in gourmet flavors and products that central Europe has to offer.

Austrian ingredients are celebrated for their quality and excellence, because the same time-honored methods for making delicious food that have been used for generations are still in place today. The combination of high standards and strict government food regulations ensures that gourmet products of this nation are of the purest variety. Austrian farmers still follow traditions laid down hundreds of years ago, crafting their cheese from hay milk and never using GMOs. Their ingredients are created with integrity and sincerity, and every cook should know about them.

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Not to mention, they are delicious. At the event, people gathered in the rustically decorated dining room of Café Katja to share in the bountiful delights of Austrian agriculture and entrepreneurship. Wooden tables heaped with selections of artisanal products, including cheeses provided by the renowned Cheese Rebels, cured meats, and dark breads lined the room, creating an atmosphere true to Austrian hospitality. Regional brands exhibited their products as guests sipped Stiegl beer and Rieslings from the country’s bountiful vineyards. 

The evening exemplified the attention to detail and careful craftsmanship that is characteristic of Austrian culture. Whether it is food, drink, or entertainment, the Austrian people represent their nation through their cuisine with pride. 


This slideshow compiles six of the most iconic, traditional Austrian ingredients, ranging from the little known to the widespread. From likely suspects like asparagus and horseradish, to a dessert idea that’s never crossed your mind, these are cultural classics that everyone should be acquainted with for the sake of tradition, health, and superb flavor.