5 Worst Drinks For Your Teeth

They say that diet soda is as bad for your teeth as a meth or cocaine addiction, but sodas aren't the only kind of drink that can seriously harm your pearly whites.

5 Worst Drinks for Your Teeth (Slideshow)

Just because we brush our teeth every day (and sometimes floss), doesn't mean certain drinks can't still hurt them. The enamel (hard surface) protecting our teeth isn't as tough as it looks; it's actually quite prone to discoloration and wear. And sugar in drinks quickly turns into plaque that eats away at our teeth.

Most of us have heard that coffee and soda aren't the best drinks for maintaining white teeth, but there are a few others, including tea, alcohol, and energy drinks, that can be a nightmare for your teeth as well, causing discoloration, cavities, and even gum disease. Over time, these drinks can wear away enamel, stain your teeth, and cause gum disease.

Check out our slideshow to see what drinks you should avoid if you want to maintain your bright white smile!