5 Types of Artery-Clogging Foods

Over-indulging in these foods could cause severe health issues

Check out what dangerous artery clogging foods made our list!

Temptation is all around us, especially for avid food lovers. We see new hybrid foods like the Cronut or a new sandwich oozing with delicious trimmings and we just can’t help ourselves — we have to try them. And whiles tastes or occasional indulgences are fine, the danger of overindulging could be imminent — after all, the holidays are right around the corner. These months are known for binging on decadent meal after meal and it is easy to get swept away by the turkey and all of its fattening sides. But loading up on heavy holiday dishes can lead to a multitude of health problems that go beyond a larger waistline, and one of the worst is high cholesterol.

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But high cholesterol doesn’t just come from "junk" food in general. Seemingly harmless foods can contain trans fats — the largest cause of high cholesterol. Trans fats, considered one of the worst fats, both raise your "bad" (LDL) cholesterol and lower your "good" (HDL) cholesterol, which eventually leads to clogged arteries. The thing is, when it comes to dissecting nutrition labels, there is a lot of room for interpretation when it comes to trans fat. Technically, any product that claims it has "0 grams trans fat" can actually have up to 0.5 grams, which can add up quickly if you are grazing unknowingly at a party.

The good news is that a lot of grocery store items are containing less and less trans fat. But if you eat out a lot, it is a fact that some restaurants continue to use trans fat, mostly in the form of the oil restaurants use to fry food. A large serving of french fries at some restaurants, for example, can contain 5 grams or more of trans fat.


While about 30 percent of our daily calories should come from fats, less than 1 percent should be from trans fat. To help you keep yourself and your guests healthy throughout the holiday season, we came up with a list of foods that you shouldn't feature frequently on your menus, as they may be sources of trans fats. There are surprising foods like whole milk and pancake syrup on the list, and we suggest you check out this slideshow to help you party your way to a healthier heart!