5 Tours And Tastings From The Culinary Content Network

In addition to the highlights (and sometimes lowlights) of their travels, our Culinary Content Bloggers help us keep track of what events are coming up in the world of food and drink. Whether they're in their own hometowns or are inspired from a recent trip, they're a great resource for helping to plan your own culinary-minded experiences.

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Looky Tasty keeps us posted on Chicago Cinco de Mayo activities, Be Mindful Be Human takes us on a wine tasting tour in Amador County, Calif., Fun Behind Bars invites us on a "drinking field trip," and OMG! Yummy shares a food tour of Boston's North End. In light of the recent events in Boston, Boston Restaurant Talk also informs us of Boston-area restaurants that will be giving back part of their earnings to help those who were affected.  

Check out our slideshow and let our bloggers advise your next outing, home or away.