5 Top Sushi Restaurants in Atlanta

A guide to a few of the very best places to get Japanese raw fish rolls in The Gate City
sushi atlanta
Wikimedia Commons/Mrmcdonnell

Here's a brief introduction to five of Atlanta’s top sushi restaurants.

No part of Georgia is really known for its sushi. The Southeast has historically never been a significant center of Japanese immigration; as a result, the country’s cuisine never quite organically sprouted up in the region. But as the worldwide food landscape continues to globalize, Atlantans have been increasingly able to find a considerable smattering of great sushi restaurants in their city. So the following, for your benefit, is a brief introduction to five of Atlanta’s top sushi restaurants.

Bluefin: The words “blue” and “fin” provide a good description of the stylish décor to be found in this sushi bar, full of white and azure tones and couches evocative of fin shapes. Bluefin describes itself as “modern Japanese cuisine with a pinch of American & European tastes,” and its Asian fusion-style sushi and sashimi may be a good starting point for the relatively uninitiated.

Taka Sushi and Passion: Insofar as one may consider a sushi restaurant to be fine dining, Taka fits into that category like a head in a custom-made hat. For over ten years now, Chef Taka Moriuchi’s place has been one of the most high-end and popular sushi establishments in the South.

Mali Restaurant: It’s like Bangkok and Tokyo collide at this “Thai sushi bar,” which excels at both of its specialty cuisines. Delivery is offered, and for the price, it’s reliable and appropriately delicious.

Sushi Bar Yu-ka: Reliability is the word at Sushi Bar Yu-ka: it’s a casual sushi bar, and walk-in patrons may be surprised at the unexpectedly high quality of their offerings. For friendly staff and reasonable prices, diners are unlikely to find a better place for moderate-cost sushi anywhere around Buckhead.


Nakato: This restauarant is divided into three sections: a hibachi/teppanyaki grill, a sushi bar, and a “traditional” Japanese dining area. Make no mistake, however: Nakato has not made its focus too wide, and though all of its food options are great, its massive sushi bar is virtually incomparable to other offerings in the region.