5 Tips for Decorating Your Home This Spring

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Get back to basics with these tips from Macy’s expert Stephen Cardino
Spring Decor Tips

Spring Decor Tips

Florals are key to home décor every spring season. What makes them new this year is a focus on watercolor and wildflower motifs, as well as larger, oversized floral patterns.

This season, Macy's is all about going back to the basics. Pure white is on trend, serving as a clean contrast to both cool metals and natural woods. White is also a foundation color for all of the season’s floral prints.

5 steps for creating a playful spring-inspired table:

Back to Basics

Start with a foundation of pure white dishes. Incorporate different shapes and textures for added interest.

Mix It Up

For variety, feel free to mix materials and textures. For example, feature straw placemats and add embossed stainless flatware and metal serveware for a bit of sparkle.

Don’t Forget Glassware

Add color with glassware. The season's newest styles focus on color concentrated at the base of the glass versus throughout the glass.

Think Big

Consider oversized watercolor floral napkins. They will complement the glasses and add a hint of pattern to the table

Be Illuminating

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No matter what season, lighting is key to a successful tablescape. Cluster candlestick holders in the center of your table and use pure white candles for a clean, crisp look