5 Times Seagulls Were The Ultimate Food Thieves

Summer time means going to the beach, and the beach means lovely things. There's sunshine, warm sand, and cool water. Sounds perfect, right? It would be if it weren't for everyone's least favorite pests: seagulls.

When we eat a meal, there's nothing more annoying than someone trying to steal that food. And seagulls are remarkably determined to take all the food. They risk life and limb to make bold attempts at our meals, and they're darn good at it. We'd admire them if they weren't so irritating. These birds proved that they are the ultimate food thieves:

The Lurker

This guy hasn't made his move yet, but don't you dare doubt him. He's just waiting for the perfect moment to swoop down on your sandwich.


The Rib Monster

This seagull is so sassy. He stole that rib and he doesn't care who knows.

(Flickr/Bisayan Lady)

The Chicken Thief

The idea of a seagull eating a chicken is slightly disturbing, but this guy definitely doesn't care. In all likelihood, he'll go back for seconds.


The Bold Bandit

Not many of us would have the guts to steal and then display what we stole in front of a police station. This guy is braver than most of us.

(Flickr/Charlie Fox)

The Greedy Couple

Seagulls don't just steal food from humans. These two are so greedy there's no way they'll share.

(Flickr/Andrew Russell)