5 Things You Shouldn't Eat After Drinking

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich

We know, we know: A big greasy meal sounds like the exactly what you need to get over your pounding headache. But we promise, it will do more harm than good. The greasy food should actually be consumed pre-drinking as a way to insulate and protect the stomach. After you stomach is already upset, greasy or fried foods will just irritate it.

bacon, egg and cheese



As glorious as a cup of coffee sounds when your suffering from a hangover, try to avoid it. Coffee can dehydrate you further and cause your hangover to last longer. If you can't abstain, go with half decaf or make a weaker brew.




If you're craving something hearty, opt for a more carb friendly meal, especially if you have a headache. Massive amounts of protein without carbs will only make your headache worse, since your blood sugar is low from drinking.



Orange Juice

If your stomach is queasy, orange juice's natural acidity will irritate your stomach something horrible.

orange hjuice


Bowl of Cereal

While a bowl of plain, healthy cereal won't do you much harm, combining a ton of milk and a sugary cereal could completely tear your sensitive stomach up.



More Alcohol

The "hair of the dog" is never a good idea. Alcohol will only irritate your stomach more. Just curl up on your couch with tea and crackers and wait for the storm to pass.