5 Things You Should Never Eat On The Subway

First of all, you should never eat on the subway. Unless it's a dire emergency, there's no reason why your dinner can't wait until you get to wherever it is you're heading. Not only is there no place to put the food you're attempting to eat, you're in such close proximity to other people that they can see you eating, hear you eating, and smell whatever it is you're eating. Then when you're finished, the urge to just toss the empty container under your seat is pretty strong. Unless it's a bag of chips, just don't eat on the subway. And definitely don't eat any of these things.


Yes, that giant wedge of Brie may be tempting, but it stinks. It's not a cocktail party, it's the subway.

Anything Requiring a Fork and Knife

If it requires any utensils (or effort) whatsoever, don't eat it on the subway. Your lap isn't a table, and your elbows will be bashing into the people sitting next to you.


Yes, it's cheap and convenient, but it's also one of the most odiferous foods out there. It may smell delicious to you, but not to the people standing above you who are trying to get home from work.


Be it lox on a bagel, sushi, or a tuna fish sandwich, fish is one of the stinkiest foods in existence, and should never, under any circumstances, be eaten on the subway. You'll be getting dirty looks from everyone near you, and are asking for serious trouble.

Juicy Fruit

No, not the gum (although that's incredibly annoying, too). Biting into a big, juicy peach fresh from the farmers market may be tempting, but wait until you get home. Juice will get everywhere, you'll have no napkin so your hands will get all sticky, and you'll have nowhere to put the pit. And everyone will hear you making gross slurping noises, too.