5 Tailgate Cocktails

Make some beer-cocktails for your tailgate instead of grabbing your usual beer

The end of the summer is a mildly depressing time for many of us. Time to hang up the bathing suits and sun dresses and switch over to sweaters, boots, and the wintertime blues. And while that depression lingers for a few weeks, it begins to dissipate with the realization that soon after summer ends, football season is in full swing! Time to light up those grills, put on your favorite team jersey, and booze it up with friends and family during the big game.

While many of us will be watching the games this season from the comfort of our own homes or neighborhood pubs, the lucky ones will be sitting in the bleachers, cheering for their home team. What better way to kick off a football game than with some tailgating? Cold beer is a regular tailgating staple, but for lovers of any and all things liquor, it is just as fun and enjoyable to mix up a few cocktails.

Below are some fantastic tailgate cocktails that will satisfy even the most adamant beer drinkers. With a few of these and a juicy hamburger, you’ll be more than ready for the game. Cheers (Go Redskins), and happy tailgating!

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— Sara Kay, The Spir.it