5 Super Bowl Snacks

Don’t let a weak menu or poor game-plan sack your party

Here are a few snack choices to keep your home team satisfied.

This Sunday brings the mother of all sports events and America’s second biggest food holiday of the year – the big game! Don’t let a weak menu or poor game-plan sack your party. Nothing tackles hunger like meat on game day. Here are a few choices to keep your home team satisfied, so you can focus on cheering your team on to victory.

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Pre-game Picks: Kick things off with some hearty finger foods your guests can much on, even after they’ve claimed their spot on the couch. Nachos are a great choice. Taco seasoning and splash of beer bring out the rich flavor of the meat, and you can easily switch things up by using ground beef, chicken, bison, or even chorizo to get the flavor you’re looking for.

Halftime Heroes: No one wants to spend time in the kitchen while the highlights are rolling and the halftime show gets underway. Have some quick heat-and-eat options like pre-cooked meatballs and burgers on-hand to keep the fans full and keep midgame squabbles at bay. Or throw some quick-cooking sausages on the grill at the two-minute warning for a classic combo like sausage and peppers.  If you want to kick up the heat, add chopped hot pepper to your relish, or choose spicy sausages like jalapeno cheddar or hatch chili.  

Wing It: This weekend, Americans will buy more than 1.25 billion wings, and we can understand why. They’re the perfect spicy, sweet and savory match for ice-cold beers and field goals. But not all wings are created equal. At Whole Foods Market, all of our wings come from chicken farms that have been certified to Global Animal Parntership’s 5-Step Animal Welfare Standards, so you can feel confident about how the animal was raised for the meat you’re buying. Classic buffalo wings are the perfect game day wing.

Extra Points:  If you really want to go for the win, try beef short ribs. These big, thick juicy ribs deliver tender beef like braised brisket, but are packed with slow-cooked barbecue flavor. All you need is a few simple ingredients and a little prep time. Just make sure you make enough for your group — you’ll have a hard time sharing!


— Theo Weening, Global Meat Buyer for Whole Foods Market