5 Summer Dishes to Pair with Rosé

Inspired ideas for family-freindly summer cooking

With my mind on rosé wine recently, I've been looking forward to a nice, calm, and seasonably warm but enticingly pleasant weekend spent outdoors entertaining some friends and family. All this talk of rosés, and in particular my little video, has got me thinking of dishes perfect for pairing with rosés, yet that are easy to prepare and perfect for the weather.

A nice salad perhaps, or some other cool, crisp, light, and refreshing meals are just the ticket for the coming weekend, so join me as we take a look at five perfect summer dishes to celebrate roses season!

Salmon Cakes with Greens

Here's an easy treat and a novel way to serve salmon. These simple cakes sound fresh and zesty, and can easily be prepared in bulk for a large group. This is a beautifully simple recipe, one that can easily serve as a base for your imagination. Don't shy away from creativity here, consider adding in some accent points that suit your palate. For example adding some chopped olives, jalapeños, or dill to this base recipe would of course produce significantly different results, each delicious of course!

Find the Recipe

Pinot noir is a classic match for salmon and this summer dish should like a great foil for your favorite rosé of pinot noir. The CrossBarn Rosé I recently tried would be killer as would another favorite of mine from Brooks in Oregon.

Click here for recipes to pair with rose wines.


— Gregory Dal Piaz, Snooth