5 Reasons Why We Love Kentucky Bourbon

5 new reasons to hit the Bourbon Trail

Why we love Kentucky bourbon.

The Derby. The mint julep. My resounding love for Hot Browns. All of these things and many, many more were birthed in the state of Kentucky, including some of the most sought-after brown spirits on the market today. Bourbon, in its many different forms and figures, is a liquor that originated in the good ol’ US of A, without which, I believe, drinking as we know it would be a lot less interesting.

While whiskey producers hail from many different states, Kentucky is the origin of some of the best. Having visited whiskey distilleries in Kentucky myself, I can say without the least bit of doubt that not only do the people of Kentucky love to drink bourbon, they are proud of their ownership of this beautiful liquid. Considering that Kentucky is the only state lucky enough to boast an entire trail dedicated to the production of bourbon, I’d say there’s really nowhere else that even comes close in comparison. Read on for the top five bourbons that proudly call Kentucky home.


— Sara Kay, The Spir.it