5 Reasons to Love Malört

Chicago's homegrown spirit gets a new facelift with fresh cocktails

We couldn't help but be intrigued by this story from Conde Nast Traveller: Malört, a liquor that got its fame in Chicago (and has yet to spread to other parts of the country), is "a bitter wormwood-based spirit with a pungent, lingering aftertaste." Supposedly, the locals love to drink it in shot form, but Chicago bars are reinventing how to drink Chicago's spirit in a cocktail. Where to find a Malört cocktail, according to Conde Nast Traveller: 

  • Double A's Four Bitter Stars cocktail
  • Ada St.'s Jeppsen Driver
  • Sepia's I'm Not Drinking That (editor's note: a well-played name)
  • The Violet Hour's World Shattered cocktail
  • Centro Ristorante's Centro Champagne Cocktail

Click here to find descriptions of the cocktails from Conde Nast Traveller.