5 Pumpkin Seed Roasting Recipes

With Halloween almost here, and fall fully upon us, pumpkins are in high demand, and carved pumpkins especially. But, don't think you're finished after carving a ghoulish face on that big round vegetable. Every part of the pumpkin matters, especially the innards and the seeds that are usually discarded.

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The seeds of the pumpkin are actually just as nutritious and healthy for you as the meat of the pumpkin itself. A ΒΌ cup of pumpkin seeds contains less than 200 calories. And there are great health benefits to eating the seeds, which contain nutrients such as protein, zinc, iron, magnesium, and manganese, in addition to essential fatty acids and amino acids.

All health benefits aside, pumpkin seeds make such a great snack! The best way to utilize your leftover pumpkin seeds is to eat them roasted, as roasting them brings out their naturally nutty flavor. It's easy to do and there are so many different spices and toppings to choose from for a combination of both sweet and savory options. We've selected five of our favorite roasted pumpkin seed recipes to share with you for this this fall and Halloween. Enjoy!