5 New Spirits to Hit the Bar Scene

A look at five favorites among the wave of up-and-coming top shelf liquors

3. Eristoff Vodka

Overview: This new vodka was named after Georgia's Prince Eristoff who is said to have created the recipe for the vodka, which is made from pure grain, triple-distilled, and charcoal-filtered. The spirit's logo is of the Eristoff wolf howling at a crescent moon, and, let's face it, anything with a wolf on it is kind of cool.

Tasting notes: The premium vodka's original version is smooth and easy to mix. It also comes in a sweet, red variety which is red in color and flavored with sloe berries. The bold-flavored black variety has a darker color and is make with wild berries. 

What to make: Eristoff Wolf Breeze


4. Corzo Tequila

Overview: The first thing you will notice about Corzo is the cool, minimalist design of its bottle. Way classier than your standard college tequila staples. On the U.S. market since 2008, their portfolio consists of silver, añejo, and reposado varieties. All of their triple-distilled tequilas are hand-picked and crafted from 100-percent blue agave from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

Tasting notes: This brand of tequila is unique for the tropical fruit flavor you get on the palate, followed by some peppery, spicy notes. It's smooth, easy to drink, and even better to mix. 

What to make: Corzo Italian Summer Sipper


5. Brugal Rum

Overview: A favorite sought out by dedicated connoisseurs for years, this 100-percent Dominican rum is a huge hit in the Caribbean.

Tasting notes: Brugal has a buttery taste with a slight hint of caramel and wood tannin, but is dry in an overall sense. It's a great spirit to use to add richness to a cocktail. 

What to make: Golden Mojito