5 Must-Know Secrets for Bringing Your Lunch to Work

If you’re going to brown bag it, there are a few things you should know

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Nobody wants to eat a soggy salad for lunch.

Keep your sandwich bread from getting soggy by using lunchmeat, cheese, or lettuce as a barrier between the bread and condiments.

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Keep your salad from going limp by packing the dressing separately. Need a small container to transport the dressing? Try repurposing a small glass jar with a screw-top lid; jars from spices or baby food work well and generally don’t leak.

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Tired of your sandwich getting squashed in transit? Why not squash it at home first — more specifically, pack a Panini. Most grilled sandwiches taste great cold and are travel friendly.

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Freeze your water bottle to create a multi-purpose ice pack; the water bottle will keep your lunch cold and it will be thawed and ready to drink by lunchtime.

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Pack soft fruit like peaches or pears in clean plastic sour cream or yogurt containers. It will prevent your fruit from getting damaged on your way to work and, after lunch, you can dispose of the plastic container in the recycling bin as you had originally planned.

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