5 Most Popular Whiskey Cocktails

In recent years, the interest in whiskey of all types has skyrocketed.

An always popular alcohol choice, the rise of male-centered, period piece television shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire has driven up sales and interest even more than usual. And with the recent heightened interest in all things barrel aged, whiskey has truly begun to shine.

Whether quaffed straight, on the rocks, or in a cocktail, whiskey is a great alcohol option for anyone craving something smokier and deeper in taste than the other liquors out there.

The cocktails are classics, recalling traditions of decades passed with every pour. Take one sip and suddenly you're reminded of those drinkers before you, inadvertently gaining a sense of sophistication and class that though enjoyable, is more imagined than earned. But hey, that's where the real fun lies, isn't it?

So for when you're ready to don those whiskey goggles and become the more sophisticated version of yourself, here are the top five most popular whiskey cocktails and how to make them. Be sure to let us know you're favorite whiskey cocktail below.

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— Kate Statton, The Spir.it