5 Most Popular Tequila Cocktails

Tequila's warm connotations of vacation time and relaxation will have you drifting off to summer sunsets and salty ocean breezes with each sip of your drink, no matter what the weather outside.

The liquor, often associated with parties and Cinco de Mayo, is perfect for more than just party-starting shots. The crisp, easy drinking alcohol is great mixed into basic cocktails with just a splash of additional ingredients.

Things like fresh lime or a bit of ginger are perfect additions to a base of good tequila, with just the simple add on creating a light and refreshing drink.

So stock up your tequila bar and start mixing up some tequila cocktails for you and your friends on the next cold winter afternoon. For when you're ready to escape the February days, here are the top five most popular tequila cocktails and how to make them.

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— Kate Statton, TheSpir.it