5 Kitchen Utensils You Never Knew Existed


1. The Box Grater

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The Box Grater is a multipurpose tool that allows you to grate and store foods like cheese, chocolate, potatoes, carrots, and more. Unlike an ordinary grater, the box grater contains a lid to enclose the food shavings you wish to save for later. Grate with the lid on, and your shavings will fall safely into the Lucite box, mess-free!

2. Automatic Can Opener

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Say goodbye to strenuous twisting and clipping, and hello to the automatic can opener, a quick and easy start to enjoying tuna, fruit and other canned foods. This electric device fits in the palm of your hand and takes up minimal space in the kitchen. Place it on top of your can, press the button and watch it open in front of you moments later.

3. Two-in-One Pan

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The two-in-one pan consists of two pans that fit perfectly inside one another. When separated, one is a saucepan and one is a skillet. This innovative kitchen utensil allows you to sear and sauté simultaneously, keeping heat inside the pan as you cook.

4. Digital Candy Thermometer

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Too hot, too cold, or just right? This specialized kitchen utensil provides the temperature of your homemade candy and other fried sweets. With a digital screen and length-adjustable stem, this thermometer is an easy tool for keeping your treats’ temperature in check. Just in time for Valentine’s Day…

5. Collapsible Ingredient Funnel

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The collapsible ingredient funnel enables you to transport ingredients from one bottle, container, cup, or bowl to another. It’s also great for carefully filling salt and pepper shakers, Parmesan cheese and garlic containers, and even cruets.

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