5 Killer Zombie Party Ideas

If you love the undead, throw one of these apocalyptic parties

Check out these "horrifying" zombie parties.

As a culture we have a fascination with the undead. Not only do we clamor to see them in films and shows, but we also erect monuments to them via pumpkin carvings and dress up like them for Halloween. Some of us are so obsessed, we have an apocalyptic plan in place, just in case a breakout occurs. Admittedly, it is a fascinating concept that proves to not only be a fun, challenging costume, but a great reason to party.

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The idea of the undead is actually a really flexible platform to build a party off of. You can literally take any costume or theme and "zombify" it to your liking. Really into fairies?  

Slap some circles around your eyes and suddenly you’re the creepiest thing with wings. Have a thing for medieval times? The Black Night would look even more threatening as a zombie. With Halloween just around the corner, you can coordinate a fast and easy party with a little dead inspiration.


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