5 Healthy Nacho Recipes

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5 nacho recipes that are actually good for you
healthy nachos
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Nachos don’t have to be loaded with calories to be good.

When we think of nachos, we usually think of a cheesy dish that's heavy on the sour cream and loaded with meat, beans, and… calories. They’re an easy snack and a comfort-food staple, but they’re definitely not that good for you.

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However, it is possible to create a healthier version of nachos, without taking away all of the delicious toppings and flavors that make the dish so loved. Some recipes call for baked chips instead of fried ones, and others call for different types of meat. For example, try swapping steak for chicken or even go for a vegetable version. Other light nacho dishes simply swap full-fat cheese and sour cream for the low-fat options.

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Thankfully, there are tons of recipes that incorporate ingredients that are light on calories and fat but not on flavor, so that you can still enjoy your favorite snack food. And, as an added bonus, nachos are super simple to make for yourself or for company. Here’s our roundup of five healthy nacho recipes that deliver tons of flavor while still being kind to your waistline. Don’t wait, dig in!