5 Healthiest $5 Footlongs

Who says you have to spend a ton to enjoy a healthy lunch?

Healthy Footlongs

5. Oven Roasted Chicken

If you’re in the mood for a warm sandwich, this tasty Footlong will hit the spot for a fairly healthy meal. You can enjoy this Footlong for only 460 calories a sub.


4. Turkey Breast and Black Forest Ham

This hearty sandwich is loaded with vegetables, turkey breast, and Black Forest ham on baked bread for only 434 calories a sub.


3. Black Forest Ham

Though very high in sodium (800 milligrams to be exact), this particular sandwich is low in calories, 434 in total, and can be piled with vegetables for extra flavor.


2. Turkey Breast

Add whatever vegetables you’d like to the “piled high” tender turkey breast Footlong for a healthier lunch. Make sure you skip the fatty condiments and cheese for a truly healthy sub at 434 calories a sandwich.


1. Veggie Delite

Comprised of lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, and onions with any choice of fat-free condiments on baked bread, it probably comes as no surprise that the this is the healthiest Footlong out there. At 320 calories for the entire sandwich, you can enjoy a tasty guilt-free lunch. Just remember, don’t add cheese!