5 Haunted Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is the perfect time to binge on candy, but if you're really looking to make your holiday sweet, trying baking up some delicious desserts. Sure, you can make a plethora of spooky dishes, but it doesn't get much better or more classic than putting out some creepy cupcakes.

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Since cupcakes are so versatile, they become the perfect accessory to your dessert table. Add a little food dye or fondant and suddenly your bite-sized cake has turned into a ghoulish fiend or gory horror show. The best part is, there are limitless ways to use cupcakes to enhance the theme of your party.

Baking and decorating them makes for a great fall activity for the kids' Halloween pre-party or even could be a great October birthday party idea. Incorporate favorite Halloween candy or just go nuts with gruesome details — cupcakes are the best vessel for a decorative sweet treat.

 To get you started, we rounded up a few spooky cupcake recipes that will make your Halloween party extra sweet.