5 Great Juice Bars In NYC

Drink your way to better health by visiting one of these juice bars, purveyors of freshness, temples of nutrients, vendors of all-nature goodness. By Jessica Allen.

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(credit: Garrett Ziegler)

(credit: Garrett Ziegler)

Melvin's Juice Box

130 W Houston Street

New York, NY 10012

(646) 588-5375

The New York Times has said that Melvin Major Jr. "may be New York's first celebrity juicer." After working for many years at a health food store in Greenwich Village, Major was given star billing at the juice bar affiliated with Miss Lily's, an epicenter of coolness and Caribbean food in Soho. The juices on offer here include the Harry Fontabella (rice milk, banana, granola, and blueberry or strawberry) and the Green Light (collard greens, lemon, celery, ginger, green chard, kale, and parsley).

(credit: The Butcher's Daughter)

(credit: The Butcher's Daughter)

The Butcher's Daughter

19 Kenmare Street

New York, NY 10012

(212) 219-3434

This vegetarian cafe and juice bar was founded by Heather Tierney, who co-owns Apotheke and Pulqueria, on the Lower East Side. Perhaps the idea is that you can party hard at either the destination bar or Mexican bar/restaurant, respectively, then recuperate here, with juices like the Hangover Killer (pineapple, cilantro, chili, young Thai coconut, evening primrose oil, and yuzu) or the Honey Bee (bee pollen, turmeric root, anjou pear, yuzu, grapefruit, kumquat, and honey). There are elixir shots, smoothies, nut milks, coffee, teas, and food too.

Juice Press

70 East 1st Street

New York, NY 10003

(212) 777-0034

The folks behind Juice Press believe that "it's what you leave out from your diet that leads to optimal health." So the juices on offer don't have additives or preservatives or processed ingredients. Instead, they're raw, fresh, and yummy, never frozen, never pasteurized, always organic. Mother Earth includes cucumber, celery, kale, swiss chard, dandelion, parsley, lemon, ginger juice; while $*#%ing Genius mixes up aloe, vegan dha omega oil, ginkgo brain formula, coconut oil, and filtered water.

Juice Generation

117 W 72nd Street

New York, NY 10023

(212) 579-0400

Juicing since 1999, Juice Generation relies on locally grown, pesticide-free produce to craft made-to-order concoctions such as Dr. Bombay (apple, turmeric, cinnamon, echinacea, vitamin C, and zinc) and Cold Warrior (green tea, orange juice, ginger, echinacea, vitamin c, zinc, and raw agave). If you want to cleanse, you can pick up a to-go pack from Cooler Cleanse.

Oasis Juice Bar

3163 Broadway

New York, NY 10027

(646) 590-0685

This Harlem juice bar whips up drinks with names that let you know how you're about to help your body, including Lemon Lozenge (Throat-soothing blend of fresh apple, lemon, ginger, and cayenne pepper), The Motivator (Carrot, apple, parsley, & ginger with a shot of protein), and the somewhat more cryptic, and emphatic, CARBO (orange, banana, and carrot). If you're lucky, the counter person will blend each element separately, so you're given a chilled, stratified cup, and it'll be up to you to mix everything together into several delicious slurps.