5 Food Stations For A Cat-Themed Party

Cats aren't always the most social creatures. While your puppy  would completely appreciate a day celebrating them, cats are more self-sustaining creatures. But an animal that can clean itself and ration its own food isn't anything to scoff at. Though the tender moments may be few and far between, we cherish watching those little guys swat at laser pointers and perform great acrobatic feats.

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Your cat doesn't need a party to affirm its greatness, but it does (begrudgingly) want and need your love.

Show your little fluff ball you care with a cat-themed party. Print out pictures of LOLCats, for décor inspiration. Your guests will love getting in the spirit with handmade costumes and won't be able to get enough of cat-shaped tableware

You can tie all of these themes together by featuring these themed food stations that guests will find satisfying and hilarious. We can't guarantee your kitty will attend, and we can promise that he is great inspiration for a great time!