5 Food Reasons the U.S. is Better Than Canada

We are the United States of Food

America has a much more diversified cuisine than Canada, but the list boils down to some essentials.

Mexican Food


When it comes to Mexican food, be it Tex-Mex or proper Mexican food, the States will always win. Sorry, Canada, but there is just no contest here. 



No way that Canadian pizza is better than American. We’ve got deep dish, the New York slice, and everything in between, all of which trump Canada’s invention of the Hawaiian pizza (which is named after a U.S. state anyway).

Free Refills


Anyone who tries to pretend they don’t want a refill of their soda is just lying. You know you want another, so go on. Get yourself a free refill. 



The United States earned bagel bragging rights long ago. Sorry, Montreal. We’re not saying Montreal bagels aren’t good, but New York bagels are better.



A summer beer is more refreshing in the U.S. because we actually have a summer. Not too mention the land of the free is teeming with breweries and is definitely more innovative in the beer department. Our beer bragging rights are endless.

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