5 Food Reasons Canada is Better Than the U.S.

They may have a funny accent, but they also have poutine

The Canada versus America debate has existed as long as America itself.

The deep-seated and often joked about rivalry between the U.S. and Canada is one that is known to many around the world, but which factors make one country better than the other? Here are just a couple of things that make our frenemies up North better than the States.



It might sound stomach-churning, but a bowl of poutine during a night out or to help you recover from a night out is glorious. Poutine and hockey is what Canada is all about. And beer; can’t forget about the beer.

Hawaiian Pizza


Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada, oddly, and Hawaiian pizza definitely makes the world a better place. We’ve got to give Canada some props for that.

Hot Chocolate

You can definitely drink hot chocolate all year round in Canada since summer there, is, well, short. And seriously, who doesn’t love hot chocolate?

Canadian Maple Doughnut

Flickr/Sameer Vasta

You’ve never experienced true doughnut bliss until you’ve had a Canadian Maple Doughnut from Tim Horton’s.


Flickr/Norio NAKAYAMA

They may be a bit more wilderness-oriented in Canada, but don’t worry, we’re not talking an actual beaver tails. This Canadian dessert is stretched to look like a beaver’s tail and then topped with wondrous things liked Nutella, caramel, bananas, M&Ms, crushed Oreos, and more.

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