5 Edible Souvenirs From Paris

Bring back a taste of Paris with one of these edible souvenirs

A sweet souvenir: Macarons from Ladurée

For many English speakers, a souvenir is an object brought from one place to another to symbolize a person’s travels. From an Arizona license plate key chain, engraved with one’s name, to a baseball cap or a store-bought seashell from Miami, a souvenir is a gift that says "sorry you couldn’t join me on my travels but here is a random object to show you what you missed and that I was thinking of you." 

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For the French speakers in the world, "un souvenir" is literally translated as a memory. A memory poignant, special, and unique enough that you want to share it with your closest friends and relatives.

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Paris, the city of love that's rife with culture, life, and cuisine, is a destination for those in touch with their senses. A Parisian excursion enlivens sight, smell, hearing, and, our personal favorite, taste. The home of macarons, madeleines, éclaires, and pains au chocolats, Paris is a sweet-tooth’s paradise and a place where most of one’s shopping will probably consist of culinary purchases (whether for oneself or as "souvenirs" for others.) Here are a few good ideas of delectable, edible souvenirs to bring home to your loved ones to make them jealous… er… to share your fond culinary "souvenirs" of the City of Light.