5 Easy Weeknight Meals

Try these simple and easy meals during a busy week

Pizza makes a great easy weeknight meal.

Whether you had a long day at the office or have been rushing around all day, when it’s dinner time we all want something quick, nutritious, and delicious. Luckily for us, there are plenty of ingredients that can help deliver a quality and tasty meal. From refrigerated doughs to dairy products like cheese and yogurt, there are a variety of products that can be used to whip up a nutritious dinner quickly.

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Sliced vegetables and mozzarella cheese can top refrigerated pizza dough for an easy and healthy meal. Mozzarella cheese also promotes healthy digestion and is a great source of calcium. For an easy meal, the Cook editors at The Daily Meal rely on refrigerated doughs, as they can be used for a variety of meals and are easy to prepare. Try wrapping them around cheese stuffed peppers for a spicy and flavorful meal.


However you plan on whipping up your next weeknight meal, be sure to check out some of these recipes for some simple and delicious ideas.