5 Easy Ways To Update Your Iced Coffee

Summer's just around the corner, and already we're hankering for an iced coffee. But even though it's the unofficial drink of summer, it's easy to get tired of the same old iced coffee. By now you've perfected the cold-brew (or are simply content with pouring your hot coffee over ice, but we beg you, please don't do that). But there's plenty more to do with your iced coffee than a simple pour over ice.

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 Coffee shops around the country have perfected the art of the iced coffee, with unusual brewing methods and simple fixes to turn your ordinary to-go coffee into something extraordinary. And while you may not have the time or patience for a cold brew to drip for 12 hours, there are plenty of easy fixes you can whip up in no time. (Coffee ice cubes, anyone?)

So don't get bored with your iced coffee just yet. We've found tips from all over the Web to help you turn your iced coffee into a tasty treat. Click ahead for easy ways to rescue your iced coffee out of its rut — we promise, 2013 will be the summer of iced coffee.