5 Drinks That Reduce Stress

Whether it's caused by work, school, or personal matters, stress is an ever-present condition that invades our lives and affects us in a number of ways. It can influence our thoughts and feelings, make our heads and bodies ache, and if not managed well, too much stress can lead to health issues down the road. Naturally, our first reaction to stress is to try to find a cure. Whether they involve food, drink, medicine, exercise, or relaxation techniques, there are many remedies for stress. But one of the most natural and effective ways to relieve stress is by consuming certain drinks that are proven to reduce it.

5 Drinks That Reduce Stress (Slideshow)

So the next time you feel anxious and stressed, instead of curling up into a stress ball or reaching for medication, you might try one of these stress-relieving drinks. They may even be able to bring your stress level down much faster than other methods.

Reducing stress can be as simple as drinking more water, pouring a glass of warm milk before bed, or sipping a cup of tea throughout the day. These drinks and more can help reduce stress levels by relaxing your muscles, reducing your body's level of stress hormones, and lowering your blood pressure. Find out which drinks you should keep close by in times of stress.