5 Destination Inspirations From The Culinary Content Network

If food is at the top of your travel itinerary, or even if it's not, journeys often inspire our appetites. Whether it's steaming ramen from Tokyo, lump fish roe in Copenhagen, or roasted lamb with prunes in Rabat, our foreign food experiences (at their best) can leave us dreaming about that special taste of a certain place.

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This week, our featured bloggers from the Culinary Content Network share some of their most recent and memorable gustatory finds from the road. From Kufstein, Austria to Oaxaca, Mexico, and several spots in between, they share "deep-sautéed" dishes at Austin food trucks and smoky Kentucky bourbon. They even give us a glimpse of the Riedel glass factory where craft artists demonstrate how to blow and form different glass vessels.

Whether you're on the road or not, this week's five posts are enough to stimulate your palate, as well as your wanderlust!