5 Creative Mimosa Recipes

Fun interpretations on the classic Mother's Day brunch cocktail

Every year, our calendars point us to one day where our mothers should get extra special treatment.

And while they should get the same treatment the other 364 days of the year as well (love you, Mom!), this day is the most special of them all. So to pamper your mother in every possible way, we have provided you with some great Mother’s Day gift ideas, treat ideas, and a fabulous brunch menu. But, as the icing on the Mother’s Day cake, let’s throw in a few boozy ideas in mimosa form.

The traditional mimosa made of champagne and orange juice is the perfect accompaniment for a late morning brunch — this we know. But just as brunch menus can get creative and go beyond bacon, eggs, and potatoes, the mimosa has seen the same upward movement. Today, we share with you some fantastic spins on the classic mimosa, to make this year’s Mother’s Day something truly memorable and delicious.

Click here for 5 Creative Mimosa Recipes.

— Sara Kay, TheSpir.it