5 Cool 'Twilight'-Themed Party Ideas


It’s the week that most of us who fell in love with the Twilight series years ago — be it for Edward, Jacob, or simply the eerie landscape of the Pacific Northwest and vampire lifestyle (maybe I’m speaking for myself, here) — have been waiting for. It's the debut of the first installment of the final film of the series!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One premieres on Friday and I’ve already snagged my ticket. Wondering what to do before (or after)? Host a Twilight-themed party, of course.

Inspired by the foggy, wooded landscape of Washington state, and the red, white, and black color palette omnipresent in the films, we’re going to be hosting our own vintage glam-inspired soirée. Perhaps with a celebratory, homemade wedding cake tucked in there, too. After all, there is a wedding taking place! Here are some more of our favorite Twilight-themed party ideas:


1. Twilight Dinner Party

Looking to give your standard weekend dinner party new life? Make it Twilight-themed. You don’t have to go all kitschy, though. Just set the scene with lots of candlelight, black-and-white plates and napkins, and vases of red parrot tulips or red fruits submerged in water-filled vases for color. Candleabras add a vintage look, as seen in this rustic, Twilight-themed wedding. And if guests haven’t already caught onto the theme, they will when they see the glow-in-the-dark fangs you use as napkin rings.


2. Chess Night

Partial to Twilight, but a fan of chess? Get together with friends for chess night. Serve up your favorite party foods, preferably in red, black, and white — like grilled cheese with tomato soup, or crostini with black-olive tapenade and red pepper. Red-tinged cocktails will satisfy guests’ insatiable thirst (for blood). Just use a mixture of cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, and grenadine for a deep ruby base. (Photo courtesy of Con Poulos)


3. Pre-Movie Cocktail Party

If you’re off to see the film in theaters, make your pre-movie get-together short and sweet. Side with Team Jacob? Serve up some mangled foods, like what you might find after a werewolf came for a visit. On Team Edward? Go vegetarian, like the Cullens, and opt for a spread of vegetable-based appetizers like crudités and hummus, bruschetta, miniature mushroom ravioli (remember, they’re one of Bella’s favorites), and shooters of your favorite vegetable soups. You might want to throw some blood-red Jell-O shots (studded with more red fruit) and caramel apple shots (made with real apples) in for good measure. 


4. A Spread of Sweets

Have a hankering for sweets like Edward has a thirst for blood? Opt for a spread of Twilight-inspired treats. Imagine guests' surprise when you pull out sets of vampire dentures — lips, fangs, teeth, and all — and take a giant bite. They’re easy to make, and all you need are some cookies, marshmallows, slivered almonds, and red frosting. 

Or go blood-spattered and glittery like these sanding sugar-topped cupcakes from Retro Bakery in Las Vegas. For something less gruesome, be inspired by the original book cover and serve apple-topped cupcakes. Red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting complete the red and white look. (Photos courtesy of Retro Bakery LV, top, and TarasPieceofCake.Blogpot.com, left)

Pack up Red Vines, one of Bella's favorites, and Twizzlers Bites in small cello bags for guests to take on their way out to snack on in the theater.


5. Team Edward vs. Team Jacob T-Shirt Party

Not sure whether your friends are Team Edward or Team Jacob? All you need to do is get a bunch of these specially designed Breaking Dawn cookies from famed New York bakery Eleni’s to see where the line is drawn. Then, try your hand at making Team Edward or Team Jacob shirts. If you run with vampires, think black tees with plenty of silver glitter paint. If being part of a pack of wolves is more your style, think simple white with a paw print on the back and a nice, red-colored slash down one arm sleeve. We'll see you at the theaters, in costume of course.