5 Cocktails To Bring To The Beach

Drinking on the beach is an important part of my summer ritual each year.

If I manage to procure a weekend to escape to a sandy beach and relax for a few, that relaxation is elevated when I have an ice cold cocktail in my hand. Unfortunately, many beaches don't allow you to bring an entire collection of alcohol and mixers in your beach bag, so the best bet is to pre-mix some of your favorite warm weather cocktails in thermos bottles, throw them into a cooler, and enjoy your cocktails beachside.

Before you batch those cocktails and head out, there are a few things that you need to remember when packing. The most important thing to remember is ice; nothing is less appealing than a piping hot cocktail in the sun. Second is a cooler; if you do remember to put ice in your drink before you leave for the beach, it will probably stay cold for about five minutes in the sun before the ice melts and your entire batch is ruined. Keep everything nice and cold, including any garnishes you want to bring. A chilled beach cocktail is a happy beach cocktail.

To make your beach time as enjoyable as possible, here are a few of our favorite cocktails that are simple to pre-batch for beachtime enjoyment.

Click to see recipes for five beach-ready cocktails.

— Mary Kay, The Spir.it