5 Bites From New Orleans' Jazz Fest

Ah, New Orleans: home to our favorite Cajun dishes, jambalaya, crayfish boils, beignets, and more. But what the city's even more famous for is its rich music culture. This year's Jazz Fest, beginning April 27, will fill you up with music stylings from the greats (classics like Bruce Springsteen and newcomers like Bon Iver) and great eats. The fest also comes with a foodie bonus: cooking demonstrations at the Food Heritage Stage, where local chefs take you through classic NOLA dishes, like catfish and grits, Louisiana strawberry delights, and more. While what sets you decide to attend is up to you, we can help guide you to the best foods:

Crawfish po'boy from the Vaucresson family: Ian McNulty of WWNO shares that the Vaucresson family is almost as legendary as the festival itself. Selling at the festival for more than 40 years, the family takes the po'boy to a new level with sausage, Creole mustard, and crawfish.

Crawfish Monica: The pasta and crawfish dish is a hit among festival-goers, says NOLA.com. Look for it at the Kajun Kettle stand.

Pheasant, quail and Andouille gumbo: The true foodie will be delighted by this gourmet creation from Prejean's Restaurant:, a Cajun restaurant that also serves up eats like crawfish enchiladas — yum.

Lemon Ice: From the New Orleans classic Angelo Brocato's, you'll find the perfect cool-off treat plus other flavors of gelato and ice, along with Italian desserts like cannolis. We're in.

Beignets from Café du Monde: Tourists, if you don't stop by New Orleans' most famous eatery for a doughnut or beignet, you'll regret it forever. The café is also the best stop for a hot or iced coffee.