5 Bites of Copenhagen

Our contributor rounds-up the 5 essential bites in Copenhagen

This bites around Copenhagen offer a taste of the culinary style of the city.

Copenhagen: city of bikes, city of fairy tales and newly crowned city of food culture.  Denmark’s capital has shifted its culinary image from a country where cured meats and boiled potatoes reigned, to a country that prides itself on fresh, locally sourced ingredients with vegetables at the center of the plate.  Although Copenhagen has a staggering (and maybe unexpected) amount of Michelin-starred restaurants, eating in the Danish capital needn’t be out of reach.  Even if you can’t snag that Noma reservation, the influence new Nordic can be tasted across Copenhagen’s extensive restaurant scene. 

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From elaborately decorated smørrebrød — an open-faced sandwich on Danish rye bread topped with everything under the sun — at the Torvehallerne Market to delicious Nordic-style coffee, Copenhagen has something that every traveler can enjoy.

Dining out isn’t just a tourist activity either; the Danes love to have a special meal at a restaurant (even despite sometimes high prices).  When faced with the endless possibilities, it can be overwhelming to choose where to have your precious few meals in Copenhagen.  Don’t worry ­– we’ve done some of the legwork for you. 


Here are our five favorite bites in Copenhagen, don’t blame us if you leave hooked on Danish food!