5 Best Sour Candies

These candies hurt so good

We love these delicious sour candy powerhouses.

Sour Power Strawberry Straws

There was no joy greater or more satisfying than licking all of the sour sugar off of these gummy straws until the gummy candy shone through, bright red and totally clean.



This classic candy might not be the most sour sweet treat out there, but it sure does have a delicious nostalgia factor.


Sour Skittles

You’re going to taste more than the rainbow if you happen to bite into a sour Skittle.



Ask any ‘90s kid and they’ll tell you that one of their all-time favorite recess challenges was to see how many Warheads they could eat before crying from the sour-pain that hurt so good!


Sourpatch Kids

First they're sour, then they are sweet. What’s not to love?