5 Best Places in New York City to Buy Pre-Cooked Thanksgiving Turkeys

No need to cook a turkey yourself!

Whole Foods will roast and deliver your turkey on Thanksgiving.

When Thanksgiving morning rolls around, every host has at least a twinge of anxiety about potentially screwing up the main event: the turkey. Undercook it and it’s pink, and everyone is left waiting as it cooks longer. Overcook it and it’s dried out. Turkeys are notoriously hard to cook; the breast needs to cook for a different amount of time than the thighs, and because of the differing fat content it’s easy to end up with a breast that’s bone-dry (Thank goodness for gravy, right?). But thankfully, this Thanksgiving you can leave it up to the professionals, because there are a handful of places in New York City where you can purchase a pre-cooked Thanksgiving turkey.

Whole Foods
Just like pre-cooked chickens, Whole Foods offers pre-cooked turkeys during the holidays. We suggest calling in advance or visiting the website to place your order; they’ll roast and deliver it on Thanksgiving!

Turkeys from Citarella are free-range and organic, and they’ll sell you pre-roasted birds ranging in size from 12–18 pounds. They also offer a whole load of great sides; here’s their menu.

This Upper West Side landmark sells whole roasted turkeys from 13 pounds up, and they also sell whole bone-in breasts and plenty of other Thanksgiving dishes; you can find their menu here.

Butterfield Market
This popular market sells whole roasted 14-16 pound free-range turkeys, as well as ones that are already pre-stuffed with stuffing. Here's their full menu

Hill Country
Want your turkey smoked? Hill Country will do it! You can buy a whole pit-smoked turkey from one of America's best barbecue spots for $150.


And if you'd rather just have your Thanksgiving feast at a restaurant, you can learn what restaurant is serving the best Thanksgiving dinner in every state here.