5 Best Carb-on-Carb Recipes

If you love carbs, you’ll love these recipes

Some recipes are so good they have two times the carbs. (Photo: flickr/megan myers)

Banana Pancakes. What’s your favorite way to top super-starchy pancakes studded with carbohydrate-loaded bananas? More carbs (like maple syrup)? Us too.

(Credit: Flickr/Jamie McCaffrey)

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza. The person who decided to take a slice of pizza, top it with gooey macaroni and cheese, and bake it in the oven until golden brown and delicious, might just be a genius.

(Credit: Flickr/Megan Myers)

Rice Krispie Treats. You know a recipe is going to be good when two of the three ingredients required to make it (Rice Krispies cereal and marshmallows) are carbs. Want to make it carb-on-carb-on-carb? Throw some sugar-loaded milk chocolate chips into the mix!

(Credit: Flickr/stu_spivak)

Tortilla Espanola Bocadillo. Perfect for when you need a carb-on-carb breakfast on the go, tortilla Espanola (an omelet made with potatoes and fried in oil) is even better when it’s stuffed between two slices of bread or a roll.

(Credit: Flickr/Ron Dollete)

Pierogi. Potato-filled pasta. Enough said.

(Credit: Flickr/Michela Simoncini)


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