5 Baby Bibs for Thanksgiving

Let the turkey fly — we found 5 fashionable bibs perfect for babies at your Thanksgiving table

Can't you picture your little turkey in this adorable bib.

The turkey on your table isn’t the only turkey that needs dressing. While your guests will of course drool over your delicious display, if you have a baby in the house for their first Thanksgiving, there is no doubt that they will be the real star of the show.

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There are so many "Kodak Moments" that need capturing on this holiday — the love and warmth that a tasty dinner creates is only enhanced by the presence of a little one tasting their first dribble of turkey gravy or playing with mashed potatoes.

What isn’t adorable, though, is cleaning up the mess the small ones leave behind when playing with their first Thanksgiving plate. Though it is in poor taste to wrap the baby in plastic before settling them down for dinner, there is a way to keep them cute, festive, and relatively clean. 

We found a few adorable Thanksgiving bibs that are perfect for any baby’s first Turkey Day. Check out our awesome finds and get your little turkey dressed and ready for their first big family feast!


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