The 40 Best Burgers in America

A great burger is a lot more than just meat on a bun

The burger at Holeman & Finch in Atlanta is only served late at night. 

40. The Thurman Burger, Thurman Café (Columbus, Ohio)
39. Sliders, White Manna (Hackensack, New Jersey)
38. Mustang Burger, Burger and Beer Joint (Miami)
37. "Le Pigeon" Burger, Le Pigeon (Portland)
36. J.C.B. Jalapeno Cream Cheeseburger, My Brother's Bar (Denver)
35. Superburger, Jim Denny’s (Sacramento)
34. Cozy Burger, Cozy Inn (Salina, Kansas)
33. Original Solly Burger, Solly's Grille (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
32. Steamed Cheeseburger, Ted's (Meriden, Connecticut)
31. Local Grass-Fed Burger, Craigie on Main (Cambridge, Mass.)
30. The Viagra, Mr. Bartley's Burgers (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
29. Butter Burger, Lexington Candy Shop (New York City)
28. Sirloin Beef Burger, Sketch Burger (Philadelphia)
27. Cheeseburger, The Varsity (Atlanta)
26. Kuma Burger, Kuma's Corner (Chicago)
25. Country Fried Bacon Burger, Christian's Tailgate (Houston)
24. Bill’s Burger, Becks Prime (Houston)
23. Griddled Burger, Edzo's (Chicago)
22. Double Winstead, Winstead’s (Kansas City)
21. Steak House Burger, Brindle Room (New York City)
20. Bistro Burger, Corner Bistro (New York City)
19. Dick’s Deluxe, Dick's (Seattle)
18. Hell Burger, Vortex (Atlanta)
17. The Original Burger, Louis Lunch (New Haven, Conn.)
16. The Father's Office Burger, Father's Office (LA)
15. Luger Burger, Peter Luger (New York)
14. Hamburger, Perini Ranch (Buffalo Gap, Texas)
13. Hamburger, Zuni Café (San Francisco)
12. The Palena Cheeseburger, Palena (Washington, D.C.)
11. Cheeseburger, Husk (Charleston)
10. Juicy Lucy, Matt's Bar (Minneapolis)
9 .Cheeseburger, Gott's Roadside (San Francisco)
8. Green Chile Cheeseburger, Bobcat Bite (Santa Fe)
7. Half Pound Niman Ranch Cheeseburger, Mustards Grill (Napa)
6. Cheeseburger, Au Cheval (Chicago)
5. Bacon Cheese Burger, The Little Owl (New York City)
4. Big Devil, Ray’s to the Third (Arlington, Virginia)
3. Chargrilled Burger, The Spotted Pig (New York City)
2. Black Label Burger, Minetta Tavern (New York City)
1. Double Cheeseburger, Holeman & Finch Public House (Atlanta)