4 Simple Grilling Tricks

Try these easy tricks to get your grilling done right!
4 Grilling Tricks

Fire up the pit like a true grill master with these simple tips.

Grilling is an absolute must in the summertime, especially if you are one of the lucky folks that has a sprawling backyard to throw a proper barbecue. And while it seems like a simple enough concept, grilling the perfect meal is only accomplished when you know some grilling tricks.

After all, maintaining a great grill is very different from managing an oven. To help you make flawless grilled meals, try using some of these simple but life-changing tips for your next barbecue.

1. Preheat Your Grill

You don’t just pop your cake in the oven as it’s warming up, do you? Just because a grill is working with direct fire, doesn’t mean it won’t help to have it the exact right temperature before you begin throwing food on it. It will help sear your foods on contact and will improve the flavor of your dinner!

2. Making Sure it is Ready

Want a simple test that doesn’t involve thermometer gadgets? Use your hand! Hold it over the fire and count slowly. If you have to move the hand away quickly, your grill is up high and ready to go. If it takes you 10 seconds to pull away, the heat is likely still a bit low and needs a little time.

3. Oil

Greasing the racks on your grill will help keep food from sticking, just like if you were cooking on a stovetop. Try soaking a paper towel with vegetable oil and apply by using tongs to make sure the entire grill rack is covered.

4. Keep It Clean


Brushing your grill while it is warm before you begin grilling and after will save you tons of time.