4 Issues Couples Face When Dining Out

Because getting there is only half the battle
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Who should pay?

Dining out with your significant other should be a fun, laid-back activity. You sit across from one another at the table, gazing longingly into each other’s eyes, enjoying some wine and a good meal… what could go wrong? Well, lots of things, apparently. Here are four issues every couple faces when dining out.

1. Where to Go?

You’re going to spend your hard-earned money somewhere, and you want to make sure the meal is worth the investment. So do you go to that trusty-albeit-boring Italian spot, or to that new Thai place you’ve heard some mixed reviews about? Which one are you more in the mood for? Either one? Whatever you want, I’m not really that hungry? Great, same here.

2. What to Order

So you’ve made your decision, been seated at a decent table on the other side of the restaurant from that kid who will start screaming any minute now, and now you need to decide what to get. Two appetizers, two entrées? Or should you skip the starters and go right for the mains? Or maybe you should split an entrée and get three appetizers? Decisions, decisions.

3. Whether to Complain

Your steak is a little bit overcooked. You’re considering sending it back, but your significant other already received their food and if you send it back they’ll have to cook you a whole new one, which could take a while. So what do you do?

4. Who Pays?

You just got your paycheck, so you’re feeling a little flush and offer to pick up the bill. But your partner is feeling generous as well, so who pays? Maybe you should just split it, but one of you just got a soup, and splitting the bill isn’t very egalitarian, not to mention romantic, is it?