4 Delicious Tuscan Wines to Share at Your Dinner Party

These Tuscan wines will inspire some great conversation at any dinner party you throw
4 Delicious Tuscan Wines to Share at Your Dinner Party

The rich fields of Tuscany, Italy offer some of the most delicious wines we enjoy in America

Frescobaldi is one of the oldest family-owned wineries in the world — in fact, it's quite possibly one of the oldest wineries in the world, period, dating back to about 1300. Yet, the Tuscany-based company continues to evolve with new brands and new areas of production.

Here are four of its current releases.

2012 Frescobaldi Castello Pomino Chardonnay ($19). Pomino is a little-know appellation residing within the Rufina region of Chianti. But chardonnay isn’t a recent addition to Pomino seeking to capitalize on international taste. In fact, the Frescobaldis planted the French varietal here in 1855. The wine itself is very chablis-like with slightly chalky and minerally characteristics, yet fresh with good apple fruitiness. A good shellfish wine.

2012 Frescobaldi Ammiraglia Vermentino ($16). Very fragrant with pastel fruit aromas and flavors — almost minty, apple/grapey ones — and good acidity.

2011 Frescobaldi Terre More dell’ Ammiraglia Maremma Cabernet ($16). Pleasant cabernet flavors, on the darker side with mature blackberries with burnished wood notes and good finishing acidity.

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2011 Frescobaldi Pietra Reglia dell’ Ammiraglia Morellini di Scansano Riserva ($23). Citrusy fruit with light black raspberry flavors, a medium-weight body and light, pleasant tannins.